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If you have ever battled with Excel crashing, nested SQL scripts, or attempted to find the template you used for the Quarterly Performance Report, modeling is for you.

Fundamentally, data modeling is about building insights with data - and automating it. Modeling means youโ€™ll be removing the row you donโ€™t need, combining multiple data sources and calculating metrics like Customer Acquisition Cost or Daily Profit Margin.

We have built a visual code editor where you can use Actions as lego building blocks to transform your data into insights.

Whatโ€™s really smart is that Less stores the output of your analysis in whatever database you are connected to. That means that if you schedule your model to run daily, youโ€™ll have updated answers ready daily. Lastly, a visual builder - like the one in Less - helps colleagues trust your results. Your colleagues can check every step from raw data to analysis table and - hopefully - get a better sense of what happens.

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