ISO Calendar

πŸ’ͺ Difficulty: very easy

⏳ Time to complete: approx. 1 minute

πŸ’¬ Description

Our ISO Calendar is probably our most used Connector. It is extremely helpful as it creates a table with daily dates for a period you select. That can be used for almost any analysis (see below). We include the weekday, month number, month, week, quarter and year in the output of this Connector.

πŸ€‘ Use Case

Almost all reporting benefits from understanding how things evolve over time. That means it can be very helpful to join multiple data sources on a specific date. Let’s say you want to do a monthly automated financial report - then you can join all your costs back to the ISO Calendar and group by summarize the costs by the month column. Very helpful!

πŸ› οΈ Setup

This one should be quickly over with! Just input how many years you want to look back in time and how years you wanna look ahead. If the current date is Jan 1st, 2000 and you select 20 years each way, then the first row of data will be Jan 1st, 1980 and the last row will be Jan 1st, 2020.

The next day (Jan 2, 2020) the range will be from Jan 2nd, 1980 - Jan 2nd, 2020. In doing so, you never have to maintain the connector as its dynamic to the current day.

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