💪 Difficulty: medium

Time to complete: approx. 5 minutes

💬 Description

Billy is an accounting software for SMBs. Since we’re using Billy you can almost extract everything from Billy. If anything is missing let us know and we’ll sort it out.

🤑 Use Case

Can be used for a wealth of things.

🛠️ Setup

This one might seem a bit complex. If you struggling, schedule a call with us.

Step #1: Navigate to "Adgangsnøgler" (API Keys)

Step #2: Create a new key

Click Opret adgangsnøgle (see below) and put whatever name and description you want.

Step #3: Copy the new key

Copy/paste the key (”nøgle”) shown below and input it in Less where it says Access Token. Then choose the tables you wanna extract and go nuts with your financial data!

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