Meta Ads

💪 Difficulty: medium

Time to complete: approx. 5 minutes

💬 Description

Meta is essential for almost everyone running paid marketing. We extract data from both Facebook and Instagram, and can get you data on campaigns, actions, leads (if you’re running Lead Acquisition Ads), ads by gender, age, platform, and device.

Note that you can add a Facebook Ads Insights Connector for every Business Manager Account you’ve set up. So if you have one for your marketing in Germany 🇩🇪 and one for marketing in Austria 🇦🇹 then just add two separate Connectors. You can customize the name of the Connector at the top of the Connector configuration window to keep an overview of what you’ve configured.

🤑 Use Case

We’ve helped many organization get a complete overview of their paid channels and their customer acquisition costs with the Meta Ads Connector. Along with a few other Connectors, you’ll get all the data you need for a complete paid marketing funnel.

🛠️ Setup

You must be an admin on your Facebook! Other than that, we got you covered with the guide below.

Step #1: Authenticate through Facebook

First, you’ll be redirected to Facebook to authenticate that Less is allowed to view your ads data. Afterward, you’ll be redirected back to Less.

Step #2: Find and input your Account ID

You’ll need to input your Facebook Account ID. You can find that by going to your Ad Manager. When clicking on the dropdown, you’ll see something like the below picture. The Account ID is the one in the yellow square that starts with “32” (that’s the Less account, so yours probably won’t begin with “32”).

You can also copy/paste it from URL at the top of your browser. Again, its the one that begins with “32”.

Step #3: Input the number of days to include

You need to input how many days of data you want to include. If you input 365 then we’ll extract a running 365 days every day. So on Jan 1st, 2000 we’ll extract data from Jan 1st, 1999 - Jan 1st, 2000. The next day, we’ll extract from Jan 2nd, 1999 - Jan 2nd, 2000. You get the point...

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