💪 Difficulty: advanced

Time to complete: approx. 10 minutes

💬 Description

Matomo is an alternative to Google Analytics that doesn’t require a cookie banner on your website. Other than that its pretty similar to Google Analytics - track visitors, session length, etc.

🤑 Use Case

Most organizations that we’ve worked with use Matomo data as part of their marketing funnel, but the possibilities are many. One example is that you might want to track if performance (e.g. session length) differs by different countries or regions.

🛠️ Setup

Setting up Matomo is somewhat complex. We’ve outlined the necessary steps below. If we can help you, please schedule a call on Calendly.

Step #1: Get Auth Token from Matomo

Getting an Auth Token is necessary for extracting Matomo data. The method for getting one depends on what version of Matomo you’re running. You can follow Matomo’s own guide at their website.

Once you have the Auth Token, input it in the Less Matomo configuration window where it says Auth Token.

Step #2: Matomo URL

We need your Matomo cloud URL to extract data. It often times looks something like this *company_name.* if you’re using Matomo cloud. If you’re hosting it on premise it can look like any website. You can usually identify the URL when you log into Matomo - it will be the one in your browser window.

If you’re hosting on-premise, see Matomo’s own guide here under the bullet How to log in using Matomo On-Premise.

If you hosting on cloud, see Matomo’s own guide here under the bullet How to log in using Matomo Cloud.

Step #3: Number of days to include in data

Input (in days) how long back you want to include data. This is a dynamic input, so if you put in 365 and have your Connector run daily, we’ll make sure you always have data from the past 365 days.

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