πŸ’ͺ Difficulty: easy

⏳ Time to complete: approx. 2 minutes

πŸ’¬ Description

Dinero is an accounting software used by more than 75.000 companies. Less can extract accounts, contacts, entries, invoices, products, sales, and more.

πŸ€‘ Use Case

We’ve helped organizations build live financial reporting. Another use case could be to calculate profit/loss by each client - all you need is a detailed understanding of your costs to get started. Dinero can also work well to integrate with data from CRM systems.

πŸ› οΈ Setup

Extracting data from Dinero is fairly simple as its an OAuth connector. That simple means you can give Less permission to see Dinero data without copy/pasting too much. The below steps show you what to do.

Step #1: Authenticate through Dinero

After clicking Connect to Dinero on Less you’ll be directed to the window below. After clicking Accept, you’ll be redirected back to Less.

Step #2: Input your Organization ID

We need you the organization ID from the Dinero account you want to extract data from. Below you’ll see where to find that. Click Overblik/Overview and you see it in the left-hand bottom corner. It's 181034 in the example picture below. Copy/Paste this number into Less where it says Dinero Organization ID. And you’re done!

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