💪 Difficulty: medium

Time to complete: approx. 5 minutes

💬 Description is a human resource program for managing salary and employees easily. With our Connector you can extract employees, contracts, payslips, and more.

🤑 Use Case

We’ve used the Connector to unite variable and fixed cost per employee in a central financial report. Can be used for more or less everything containing a “per employee” metric - revenue per employee, profit per employee, operating cost per employee, etc.

🛠️ Setup

Connecting to is fairly simple. You need to create an API Key (”API-nøgle”) but that’s not too complex. Should you run into any problems, feel free to reach out or schedule a call.

Step #1: Log in to

Log in to your company's account.

Step #2: Find you Company

Go to "Virksomhed"

Step #3: Go to API keys

Go to "API-nøgler"

Step #4: Add API Key

Click "Tilføj API-nøgle" and add a description. Copy the API key that you just created.

Step #5: Enter API key

Input the API key that you just copied and select the data that you want to extracts. Click Done when ready. That's it - you're all good to go!

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