Bing Ads

💪 Difficulty: easy

Time to complete: approx. 2 minutes

💬 Description

Primarily used for advertising on Microsoft’s search engine (similar to Google Ads). We extract data on each Bing Ads campaign, its spend, and performance in a single table.

🤑 Use Case

Mostly used to consolidate a data-driven marketing funnel. The Bing Ads Connector can also be helpful to understand performance differences between campaigns.

🛠️ Setup

If you’re getting to the screen below, you should configure the Bing Ads Connector from a private/incognito browser. Other than that this is an OAuth Connector meaning it should be fairly simple to set up.

Step #1: Authenticate through Microsoft

Bing Ads is an OAuth Connector which means that all you have to do is log in with your Microsoft Advertising account. You’ll be redirected from Less to Microsoft to authenticate, but once that’s done, we’ll bring you back to Less.

Step #2: Select "Number of Days"

After Authenticating with Microsoft you’ll be redirected back to Less. Here you’ll need to input the number of days you want to look back in time and extract data from. For example: if you input 365 you’ll always have the past year's data.

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