Intro to Connector

Intro to Connectors

Our connectors are split into 3 types: OAuth connectors, token-based connectors, and a mix of the two. They only differ by how you authorize Less to extract your data.

OAuth Connectors

OAuth is short for Open Authorization and is essentially an automatic way to give access to third-party solutions like Less. You know those pop-ups that ask "Allow XYZ application to read user data..."? That's probably an OAuth authorization.

We always strive to create OAuth connectors because they are the simplest to use. Whenever you see a pop-up like the one below on Less, you know that it is an OAuth connector.

Regular Connectors

OAuth doesn't exist for all data sources. When OAuth isn't an option, we have to get by with some manual copy/paste. Typically, that means that we ask you for an API Key or maybe a Token of some kind. You have to find or create that token and copy/paste it into Less. We know that's not ideal which is why we prefer OAuth.

🔑 We have created guides for every single Connector that will ask for some kind of manual input

Whenever you see something like the one below, you know it is a regular connector.

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