Denmark only!

πŸ’ͺ Difficulty: medium

⏳ Time to complete: approx. 2-3 minutes

πŸ’¬ Description

This is a fun one! But so far only for the Danish audience (but soon a global weather Connector is coming!). Extract weather data for the Danish Meteorological Institute. You input a Danish zip code and Less returns an hourly output of sun, rain, wind, and temperature data. We’re including forecast data as soon as DMI is ready (link). If this seems redundant think again - and read below!

πŸ€‘ Use Case

Weather data might seem like a gimmick, but we’ve created correlations between sales and revenue as well as marketing efforts for a handful of organizations. One example is an e-commerce business that thought its sales might be related to the weather. We helped them build analytics that proved their point. Now, one week in advance of sunny days and high temperatures they ramp up marketing efforts. Pretty smart πŸ’‘

πŸ› οΈ Setup

Step #1: Input ZIP code

Input a zip code for the area you want to extract data from.

Step #2: Input start date

All you have to do is input the first date you want to include in your data set. Remember that each day includes 24 records (one for each hour), so maybe restrict yourself to a few years to avoid a very large dataset.

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