AI-driven product reviews

In this exercise, you'll work with OpenAI to generate product reviews score with artificial intelligence. It can sound complex but the intention with the exercise is to show you how easy anyone can begin creating value with AI. We only use 10 tools to complete this exercise.

You'll learn tool such as API, Text Column and Parse Data

There are hints to help you get through this exercise. You can also download our solution model and import it in your own model. The file are available at the end of this page.


Getting Started

  • The first step of this exercise is to get the right data. Navigate to the folder where you want to work. Go to Create -> New Connection -> Search for "exercise" and choose the Exercise: AI-Driven Product Review

  • Inside a new model (Create -> New Model) you can now begin working with the data. Drag an Input tool to the Canvas -> Search for the name of the Connector -> Click on a table to select it -> Click Save and Run -> See the data in the preview table at the bottom of the view

Solution File

You can import a solution files from the Canvas.

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